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Design Some Cards

Design cards, invitations, memes and more.

Design Some Cards lets you create all sorts of cards for all sorts of occasions.

You can upload your photo and embed it into the card then download it and send it to family, friends and colleagues.

Try it today! It’s free (you don’t even have to register to use it but becoming a member definitely has its benefits)

Next Client Prospecting Software

Find your Next Client Today.

Next Client helps you find clients who need your products and services and is especially useful if you work in the web design space.

Find clients in over 40 countries, get their contact details, locate who the power brokers in the firm are and get introduced to them.

http://nextclient.softwareTry Out The Demo

Video Production

Want a video with the smell of success?

  • Sales Video
  • Promotional Video
  • Upsell Video
  • Chromakey Video
  • Doodle Video
  • Interactive Video
  • YouTube/Vodcast Video

Get in touch. I’ll reveal strategies that will blow your mind!




Web Code Converter Online

Convert HTML into JS, PHP & more. (full)
QR Code Generator

Design a QR Code for websites, phone, and more
Source Code Viewer

Enter a URL and view the HTML source code

  Some light relief? Try Ship Shuffle.

Tunes I’m looking forward to recording in the studio soon. Some are Bowie inspired.