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Big year is happening. I like gold.

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March 19, 2014

Off to the States tomorrow and can’t wait! Been lookin forward to this for years. The Warrior Event will be a blast. And I finally get to do my American impressions on Americans. Yeh HA! Sorry in advance fellas.

Purpose of this trip. To visit the great country and meet as many amazing people as possible. Say hello if you meet me. I hate a Coopers Red (Best Australian Beer b.y a m.i.le  i.m.h.o) and can’t wait to see a normal packet of cigarettes. But I digress…

This Warrior event has the great stars there. The who’s who of internet millionaire stuff. And apparently there’s a party to g0! woo hoo

The double buzz will be New York. Wouldn’t paying tribute to Lennon and taking it from there. So here’s the drill tonight. Cut my hair (will be filmed). Resist the dye. Put off vacuuming till I get back…if I get…

Stay tuned. I’m Off!